Front/Back-end Coder

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Front/Back-end Enthusiast from London

I am a Front/Back-end Enthusiast who's seeking to code eye catching web applications with perfectly working backend. I am continiously learning new technologies in order to make the best of each project I undertake. I know how to take possesion of CSS & HTML. Also I can make PHP to echo some cool stuff. Sometimes I ask MySQL to store some content and let you manage it easily within CMS.

More about me

I'm a fresh Graduate of University of West London(July/2016) with 2:1. Currently/Temporarily coding for #amazing/#brilliant/#checkEmOut Internet Dreams Studio on Richmond, but willing to expand my wings further. I'm opened to designing/coding projects for small businesses and gaining new clients to deliver cool/customizable/responsive websites.



UWL - University of West London

Course: Computer Science (B.Sc.)

That's how my journey with computing started. I've discovered power of PHP, Web Standards, was exposed on Java, Python and few other programming languages, and learned much more in my spare time.


Secondary School - Lublin, Poland

Profile: English, Geography

In this period of my life I didn't even know what the HTML,CSS or JavaScript is. When I think of it now, my life seemed to be so.... emtpy.



ID Studio - Web Design Agency

Front/Back-end Coder

Right after graduation, I've walked in to this Amazing place and after a short conversation with Creative Director I was offered a nice desk next to a front window...



Front/Back-end coder & IT Support

That's a start of my journey through the web & computing...



A bit more about me....

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Coding is NOT my job! It's my passion. Let me know if you'd like me to get passionate with your project.

And so we have met...

me > Hello Computer!
PC > HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP MySQL Processwire
me > Ok...

Also, Don't hesitate to ask me for help with your academic assignment/coursework ;)


Better to ask the way than go astray...